Which is better, paint or wallpaper?

Which is better, paint or wallpaper?

The final decision to choose paint or wallpaper is up to the homeowner, but there are some important considerations to think about according to George Borlodan, the Templeton painter/owner of Borlodan Painting Company.

When it comes to wallpaper vs paint, people seem to fall into three groups: those who love wallpaper, those who hate it and refuse to use it and those who are not sure about using it.

On the pro-paint side, paint is:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to change when it’s time to redecorate.
  • Easier to clean, patch and maintain than wallpaper.
  • Comes in thousands and thousands of colors.
  • Creates beautiful wall spaces to display artwork.
  • Generally, costs less than wallpaper.

Wallpaper can certainly provide some design pluses by adding patterns, texture and color to a room. There’s no doubt that the patterns and materials for wallpaper have come a long way since the days of great-grandma’s fern-filled parlor.

Here are some of the reasons people don’t choose wallpaper:

  • More expensive than paint.
  • Locks in a color scheme and generally complicates redecorating because it’s not as easy to change the wallpaper to compliment the new furniture as it is to repaint.
  • Difficult to remove. Even the self-stick versions can be difficult to remove and leave a clean wall behind.
  • Requires more precision and forethought to install and isn’t as forgiving of mistakes as paint.
  • Difficult to repair. If the kids decide to turn the walls into an art studio, or the wallpaper is torn, or the wall dented, repairs are much more time consuming than cleanser, patching and a fresh coat of paint. Yes, it is possible to carefully cut out the damaged section and patch that spot with a fresh piece of wallpaper, but there are difficulties doing that, too.
  • Difficult to update. What if, after a few years of looking at the wallpaper pattern, someone decides it’s time to update? Painting over wallpaper isn’t advisable, so it needs to be removed first.
  • The interior climate in a home has much more influence over wallpaper than it does over paint. It’s easy for wallpaper to fade, come loose, peel or form bubbles, or even become too dry in response to interior temperatures and humidity.

“It’s important to think about what you are still going to enjoy seeing in your home ten years from now,” said the Templeton painter. For those who are still interested in using some wallpaper, good results can be achieved by using wallpaper as an accent rather than the entire wall treatment scheme.

Trust the experts

Borlodan Painting Company has been providing top value and expert skill to Templeton and the entire Central Coast since 2011. From preserving the traditional interior and exterior appearances of historic homes and commercial buildings, to new and modern construction, the professional crew at Borlodan serves the community, fairly and quickly.

“We understand our responsibility when we are invited into our clients’ homes and workplaces. Our clients trust us and we are committed to providing a respectful, smoke-free work site while we are on the job. We treat both the inhabitants and the spaces we paint with the utmost respect, working for the results and customer satisfaction. We know which brands of paint stand up best to the local weather and temperature fluctuations,” said the Templeton painter.

The Borlodan team takes pride in treating all of their customers with respect and delivering a fair deal and quality work.

Whether it’s touching up some furniture to match the rest of the décor or repainting an entire winery, the team will stick with you until you’re completely satisfied with the final result. Owner George Borlodan will work with you to find a fair rate that fits your budget.

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