How to remove grime and dirt without damaging the paint— tips from the Paso Robles house painter

How to remove grime and dirt without damaging the paint— tips from the Paso Robles house painter

Over time, dirt and grime build up on painted surfaces. In most cases regularly wiping these surfaces with a soft cloth and warm water or a gentle cleaning solution keeps unsightly spots, streaks and hand prints under control.

Some of the most common where dust, dirt and grime show up are:

  • Baseboards everywhere in the house. Bathroom, laundry room and kitchen baseboards are particularly vulnerable to moisture Cooking particles building up and can even damage the paint.
  • Kitchen walls, especially near the stove. Cooking fumes, steam and oil can build up quite quickly.
  • Bathroom and laundry room walls are subjected to moisture that when mixed with dust, can streak and even discolor walls over time.
  • Areas around door knobs and handles.
  • Built in drawers and cabinets.
  • Areas around light switches.
  • Any wall or painted surface that the young family artist considers to be a canvas.

The Paso Robles house painter, George Borlodan, owner of Borlodan Painting Company says, “Keeping painted, even stained, surfaces clean helps preserve the paint. But, it’s important to use the right cleaning materials.”

Human skin has natural oils and when we touch surfaces, we leave some oil behind. Over time it builds up and attracts dust, causing unsightly smears. Even the most fastidious housekeepers are going to be challenged by the natural processes of oil and moisture attracting dust and grime.

Some of the top cleaning strategies include:

  • Dusting or wiping baseboards with soft cloth on a regular basis to remove dust.
  • In kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, baseboards may need a gentle wiping with warm water or a gentle soapy solution, then rinsed.
  • Any place that is bearing the marks of oil and dirt can be cleaned with a gentle soapy solution and a soft cloth, then rinsed with plain water and a fresh cloth.
  • Kitchen walls and cabinets that are exposed to cooking residue may need a stronger soapy solution. The secret to not damaging the paint is to not use a harsh cleanser, clean frequently to prevent build-up, and be sure the kitchen walls and cabinets have been painted with a semi-gloss or gloss paint that can withstand regular cleaning.
  • Kid’s art projects might need special handling, Water-based paint like fingerpaints and watercolors can be cleaned with a gentle soapy solution and should be cleaned as soon as possible. Crayon is was based and there are some strategies for gently removing marks. Hot soapy water that melts the wax is one solution. Another is to first warm the area with a hair dryer and when the marks are softened wipe them away.

Unfortunately, it’s a hard cold fact that sometimes damage to a painted wall can’t be simply washed away. Some scrapes and gouges from moving furniture for example need to be repaired and repainted. Sometimes, we scrub a bit too hard when removing marks and damage the paint.

“Don’t worry too much when this happens,” says the Paso Robles house painter. “Small dings and scrubbed away paint are pretty easy to repair.”

  • Sand the damaged area to remove any rough edges of paint.
  • Fill any dings or holes with a filler according to the instructions.
  • Repaint with a matching paint. If you don’t have spare paint left over from the original paint job, most hardware stores can match the color for you.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to repair damaged paint and Borlodan Painting Company is just a phone call away. Serving Central Coast communities since 2011, no job is to small or too big for the painting team to take on and finish to your satisfaction. The Paso Robles house painting company’s reputation is based upon your personal satisfaction and “we are not satisfied until you are,” says Borlodan.

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