In the mood to repaint? Choose mood-setting colors, says Atascadero painter

In the mood to repaint? Choose mood-setting colors, says Atascadero painter

What stimulates people to want to repaint a room or even the entire house? The most common reason is, “It’s time for a change.” That change might be planning to sell or remodel, the old paint is just worn out, the room is being repurposed, or “This room needs something to wake it up.” George Borlodan owner of Borlodan Painting Company has some advice to help you achieve the changes you envision. 

A new paint job is an opportunity to set entirely new moods for each room in the home. New color on the walls freshens a room and is much less expensive than remodeling, although painting and remodeling often go hand-in-hand.

Before rushing out to look at paint samples, spend some time in the rooms you want to be repainted. Sit quietly and think about what kind of mood you want for that room. Is it a creative space? Is it a quiet, peaceful space?

“In the end, color is a personal choice. But, based on our years of experience in the painting business, the team here at Borlodan has put together some guidance for choosing colors to create the right mood,” says the Atascadero painter.

Energy, vigor, and creativity

Consider energetic colors for rooms where creative processes are happening. The kitchen for culinary creativity, the kids’ playroom, the art studio, and the sewing room are examples. Colors associated with energy, vigor, and creativity include warm hues of yellow.

Yellow is the color of sunshine. The right hues of yellow stand for happiness, clarity, energy, and optimism. On the other hand, some hues can represent caution and ill will. Color is very personal so choose the right hue or combination of hues that resonate with the mood you want to cultivate. 

Extra focus

The home office is an example of a room where extra focus is desired. Neutral shades that range from whites to smokey grays and blues promote tranquility, which aids focus. Consider painting at least one wall in the room where the kids do their homework with a tranquil shade of blue or gray to stimulate concentration. 

Peace and calm

Bedrooms, the living room, and a meditation room all serve their purpose when senses of peacefulness and calmness are felt. Light blues and greens, representing the colors of the sky, ocean, or a peaceful lake can help you feel calm and centered.

Add some energy

Subtle shades of reds, pinks, and greens can bring a level of energy and cheerfulness to a room. When you want to create lively energy in any room, spend some time finding the hues of these colors that make you smile. The kitchen, dining room, or other rooms or spaces where the family and company gather for a good meal, good conversation, and good times are all candidates for these colors.

Getting the most from color

The Atascadero painter reminds us that we all have our favorite colors and choosing paint colors for our living and work spaces is a personal decision.

Some people prefer that the paint colors be consistent from room to room. You can still achieve the impression of consistency and use color to set moods for different rooms by selecting different colors in complimentary hues. A hint of sunshine in one space can subtly transition to a hint of peaceful lake water in the adjoining space.

Other use of color can include painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or a darker or lighter shade of the same color, depending on what you are creating. Lighter-colored ceilings can help a small room feel larger. The same, or darker shade can enhance the mood you want for that room. 

Using complimentary colors for the trim can also add texture to the room while retaining the mood.

Get the best advice

The Borlodan Painting Company has been helping residents and business owners on the Central Coast achieve the best quality painting jobs for nearly 20 years.

“The Borlodan Touch” that has made the company the painter of choice comes from the owner’s refusal to cut corners and approach every job with care and professionalism from proper preparation to cleaning up the worksite at the end of each day.

No job is too small or too big. “The way we see it,” says Borlodan, “is that every project we take, from painting a piece of furniture to a large commercial project is important. We’ve been chosen by the customer and we intend to reward that trust with a top job at a fair rate.”

Borlodan Painting Company completes all interior and exterior projects including:

  • Residential painting.
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  • Hotels.
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  • Barns.
  • Cabins.
  • Furniture, cabinets, and fixtures.
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