Templeton painter answers the question, ‘Can I live in my home while the rooms are being painted?’

Templeton painter answers the question, ‘Can I live in my home while the rooms are being painted?’

On average it takes a team of professional painters three to four days to paint the interior of a three-bedroom home. A two-story home or a larger home can take longer. Moving the family out for this amount of time might seem like an inconvenience. “But,” says George Borlodan the Templeton painter with Borlodan Painting Company, “with some planning living away from the house for a few days is well worth it for the reward of fresh, beautifully painted rooms.”

It may be possible, with some very tight scheduling and organizing, to occupy a couple of bedrooms for a couple of nights while the rooms are being painted. But, keep the following in mind:

  • The kitchen will be unusable for a period of time until the paint dries.
  • Bathrooms will also be unusable until the paint dries.
  • Some items are going to packed and inaccessible for a few days.
  • The rooms you might be occupying need to be vacant when the painters are ready.

Normally, when painting a single room, all of the lighting, electrical and curtain fixtures are removed, closet and other doors are removed, linens, curtains, hardware, clothing, throw rugs, books, knick-knacks, electronics and artwork are removed from the room. Furniture is usually moved to the middle of the room and securely covered with a protective tarp. This might seem excessive but it is necessary for the painters to have a clear canvas and a clear pathway around the room to get their jobs done.

If you are trying to decide if you want to try spending a few nights in your home while it is being painted, multiply that scenario from one room to include all of the rooms. It’s easy to think that only being at home overnight and gone before the painters arrive in the morning will be okay. Not only is attempting to stay at the home a logistical headache for your family but there’s also the risk it will slow down the painting crew and cause some expensive delays.

To deliver the best service, the Templeton paint crew needs to show up and do all the preparation work, paint, clean up and be finished with the job as promised. That’s going to be difficult if someone is still in the house when they arrive and everything is not out of the way.

Make a plan

Most painting projects are scheduled well enough in advance to allow for some creative solutions about where to stay while your home is being painted. A few of the leading solutions include:

  • Taking the family vacation while the house is being painted.
  • Temporarily stay with family or friends for a few days.
  • Stay in a hotel during the project.
  • Camp out at a local campground or RV park.

Make a note that your pets are going to be safer if they are boarded. Pets tend to become anxious when the home routine changes and the dangers of getting out of the house or yard and getting lost or injured are very real.

Getting top service

The Templeton painters at Borlodan Painting Company have been bringing expert skill to residential, commercial and interior and exterior painting since 2011. The professional crew serves California’s Central Coast respectfully, fairly and quickly. “We are committed to providing a respectful, smoke-free work site while we are on the job. We treat both the inhabitants and the spaces we paint with the utmost respect, working for the results and customer satisfaction” says Borlodan.

The crew’s detail work on doors, windows and trim is second to none and they use low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products that are gentle on the respiratory system, leaving fresh odor and headache-free rooms in your freshly painted home.

Borlodan Painting Company does not cut corners on materials, surface preparation, the paint job, and on cleaning up when the job is done.

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