Paso Robles house painter answers the question, 'What's the best time of year to paint?'

Paso Robles house painter answers the question, 'What's the best time of year to paint?'

-Summer’s coming and it’s time to repaint the outside of the house, right? “Well, maybe,” says George Borlodan, owner of Borlodan Painting Company, “it depends on a number of factors including how hot the temperatures get, the wind and especially the quality of paint.”

Borlodan recently released a list of the top considerations for determining the best time of year for an exterior paint job. “We are lucky here on California’s Central Coast because we have relatively nice, mild weather for most of the year, but there are times when painting the outside of a house has more challenges than other times,” said Borlodan.

The list of considerations from the Paso Robles house painter includes:

  • Temperature: Fortunately, for most of the Central Coast summer temperatures are moderate and a great time for a fresh coat of paint on the house. But, with some of the Central Coast’s inland summer temperatures reaching triple-digits, there may be days when it is too hot for the paint to cure properly. Early spring and late fall on the Central Coast can be filled with comfortably warm days and chilly nights. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast for the nighttime temperatures. Many paint manufacturers recommend ideal temperatures between 35 and 100.
  • The wind blows off the Pacific Ocean into the coastal communities and inland, summers can experience strong afternoon winds. Wind can blow debris onto a fresh paint job and if the paint hasn’t had time to dry before the wind comes up, that debris can stick. Fortunately, the wind is temporary, usually only blowing around for a couple of hours and painting can be scheduled according to the weather and wind forecast.
  • Humidity and coastal fog can create temporary dampness that makes it difficult for the paint to adhere to the surface and to dry.
  • The quality of paint is important for any paint job, interior or exterior. If this is a do-it-yourself paint job, be sure to research the best quality of paint for the job before starting.

The painter’s skill and knowledge can save frustration and, in the end, a lot of money. The Paso Robles house painter has been receiving rave reviews for the past 11 years. The reason is that Borlodan and his crew are very familiar with the climate and micro-climates on the Central Coast and know how to deliver top-quality materials and skills for a long-lasting paint job.

Believing that the preparation is just as important as the painting, the team handles both interior and exterior projects and selects the products that are designed to last regardless of the climate. The team is meticulous, respectful, clean and leaves a clean job site and welcomes challenging projects. The company takes pride in negotiating a fair rate and delivering quality workmanship. No job is too small or too big.

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