Templeton Painter Announces Trending Interior Paint Colors and Color Combinations for 2021

Templeton Painter Announces Trending Interior Paint Colors and Color Combinations for 2021

Templeton painter, George Borlodan from Borlodan Painting has recently released the trending paint colors for 2021. “Paint colors are personal choices,” said Borlodan, “but sometimes people need a little help making their final decisions, so we stay on top of the trending colors to help our customers make the choices that make them the happiest.”

The trend for 2021 is combining soft, neutral colors with a splash of bolder colors. The bold colors can be either a section of a room or room accessories. The soft neutral colors range from creamy whites to shades of gray through soft pink and rose, to subtle sage greens and blue. The bolder colors complement these subtle choices with darker shades of blue, sage greens and hues of yellow, orange and red.

“If you like bold bright colors, but don’t want them your walls, use accessories to introduce bright colors to the room,” said Borlodan. When choosing colors, it’s important to remember that a good paint job lasts up to 10 years or longer before needing to be repainted. When investing in a paint job, whether a single room or the entire house, think about colors that are going to be pleasing for a long time.

“We have more freedom with choices for home,” said the Templeton painter, “because it’s our personal space. We may want to be more conservative for an office or other business.” This doesn’t mean there’s no room for personal expression but choices to consider when choosing paint colors include:

  • Are the colors for a child’s room? The child is going to be sleeping and playing in that room from infancy through the teen years and at some future point is going to start expressing his or her own ideas about décor. Plan for this upcoming event and avoid an expensive repainting project every few years by choosing some basic, pleasing colors that can be easily updated with an accent wall and other room accessories.
  • What is the business? Legal offices, for example, may want colors that convey a sense of trust and stability, while an art gallery could get away with bolder colors. A retail space is going to want long-lasting colors to compliment the merchandise.
  • Selling the home? Neutral colors that reflect natural light are most likely going to be good selling features.

People have favorite colors and shades and hues of those colors. No matter what paint colors are trending when the time comes to repaint, there are going to be favored colors available. Some people have definite ideas about which colors they want. Others ask for professional advice. A good painter does more than just show up and start painting. A skilled painter, like the painters from Templeton’s Borlodan Painting, bring years of experience and knowledge to a project. That knowledge and experience includes recommending the best colors and types of paint, advice for cleaning and keeping the paint job fresh for many years, and which trending colors are considered classics that will continue to be pleasing for years to come.

Borlodan Painting has been the bringing top value and expert skill to California Central Coast residential and commercial projects since 2011. The company has the experience and personal touch that is needed to meet the unique needs of a growing community. From preserving the traditional interior and exterior appearances of historic homes and commercial buildings, to new and modern construction, the professional crew at Borlodan serves California’s Central Coast respectfully, fairly and quickly.

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