Protecting your new paint job

Protecting your new paint job

Your home exterior looks beautiful with the new paint job. The colors are perfect and neighbors stop to admire your house and comment on the colors. Even a few neighbors are inspired to paint their houses. You are a trend setter! Now, the next challenge is to stay out front and keep that new paint job sparkling and fresh! George Borlodan, Paso Robles painter, has some tips to help you protect the paint job and your house.

Of course, the first step to protecting a paint job is to start with a quality painter who does the job right in the first place. Some of the leading causes of exterior paint failing are due to:

  • Poorly prepared surfaces, leading to cracking and peeling paint
  • The wrong kind of paint for an exterior job
  • Cheap paint

With Borlodan Painting Company, depend on the best workmanship and best quality paint. Other conditions that many homeowners don’t think about include:

  • Shrubbery and trees too close to the house, rubbing and scratching the paint. If you live in area with strong winds, shrubbery and branches may eventually scratch the paint. Some kinds of landscaping too close to the house, or branches that overhang the roof are also routes for rodents and insects that can damage your walls and roof over time. Landscape watering too close to the house can contribute to mold.
  • Dampness and mold that not only damages the paint job, but your home as well. Inspect regularly for wet, damp areas and mold. Call in water and mold damage experts as soon as possible. Not only with those services save your paint, they save your home from further damage.
  • Graffiti and other vandalism from spray paint can result in expensive repairs. One way to reduce the cost of repairs is to contact your painter for advice about the best cleaning solutions for removing the graffiti. If there was no paint left over from the original house painting job, ask your painter for the type of paint and color that was used, or make an appointment to have the damaged area repainted.
  • Artistic children live with every family and no one wants to discourage a kid’s artistic explorations. But damage does need to be repaired so use the same cleaning and repainting strategies that apply to remediating graffiti.
  • Other damage from vehicles or equipment; accidents happen. If a vehicle or some other equipment accidentally crashes in to your home, the damage most likely needs to be repaired and repainted.

Don’t forget to check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure what kinds of damage are covered.

Call Paso Robles Borlodan Painting Company for all of your painting projects: interior, exterior, fences, sheds and ranch buildings, whatever you need. No job is too small. The company once even painted a basket for a client to match her walls.

The Borlodan team approaches each project, building and client as individual and unique. The company takes pride in quality work, satisfied customers and negotiating a reasonable rate.