Choosing paint colors for kid’s rooms

Choosing paint colors for kid’s rooms

Kid’s favorite colors can change, almost from one day to the next. Buying clothes in the favorite color of the day is one way to satisfy their sense of style and color, but repainting a room every time there’s a new favorite color is not only impractical, it can get expensive. Atascadero painter, George Borlodan, has some tips to help parents choose paint colors for their kid’s rooms.

There are a few predictable times when kid’s rooms get a fresh coat of paint.

  • For the new baby
  • When the toddler colors the walls
  • When tweens and teens get new favorite colors
  • When the kids go off to college and you want to redecorate

Painting baby’s room

Some studies are reporting that babies start noticing color around 12-weeks. The preferred colors, in order, are blue, red, purple and orange. The least favored seems to be brown. Babies also seem to understand different shades of color and like lavender, for example, as much as a soft, dusty purple.

You might not want to paint the entire nursery in shades of purple, but consider choosing a shade of blue, a lavender or even a rose shade to paint the wall nearest the crib. The other, brighter colors can be incorporated into the room in the form of toys, blankets, even a few pieces of furniture.

The remaining walls can be painted more neutral colors or lighter, complimentary colors.

Artistic toddlers

Let’s face it, kids are going to color the walls. The first line of defense is to paint with a “child proof” paint that makes cleaning the walls easy. These types of paint come in the same color choices as other interior paint with the added benefit of easy cleaning.

Second line of defense is to use line the walls at toddler height with paper that can be easily removed, or paint one wall, or a section of a wall with blackboard paint and provide a huge container of colored chalk.

The tween’s and teen’s favorite colors

The more social kids become the more the start developing preferences and opinions about everything. What a favorite color was at five or six is most likely going to change. But, what do you do if the kid’s favorite color turns out to be bright yellow, or red?

There are several realistic compromises that prevent the need to shield your eyes every time you enter the bedroom and still give your kids some personal expression. Paint one wall a compromising color, such as a soft, light yellow then add the brighter colors in rugs, bedding, or even a piece or two of painted furniture.

Count on at least one more favorite color coming up between the ages of 12 and 16, so take an extra paint job into account if you paint to match a tween’s favorite color. It’s easier to paint over lighter colors.

There is almost no end to color choices for paint. Discussing shades of color with your kid makes him or her part of the final decision. Include them in the conversation with the painter. Sometimes an explanation about color choices coming from an expert carries more weight that mom’s or dad’s ideas.

Borlodan Painting is the local expert in paint and paint colors and can answer all of your and your kid’s questions. The Atascadero painter is going to have suggestions for color compromises that you have even thought about and that will satisfy your kid’s color style for some time.

When the time comes to redecorate the room for a new purpose, Borlodan Painting can help then, too.