Today’s paint offers more than color, reports the Paso Robles painter

Today’s paint offers more than color, reports the Paso Robles painter

-From classic colors to trendy textures, there’s a paint for every style and need, including specialty paints that add another dimension to rooms or workspaces. “Sometimes, even the perfect color needs a little boost to reflect someone’s style,” says George Borlodan, the Paso Robles painter from Borlodan Painting Company.

However, if you’re looking to take your home’s aesthetic to the next level, specialty paints might be the answer. These unique formulations offer various finishes and features that can transform any room into a masterpiece. Here’s an exploration of some of the specialty paints that are available and the best use for each.

  • Chalkboard paint—Perfect for anywhere a bulletin board might be placed, chalkboard paint turns any surface into a creative space. Whether jotting down grocery lists at home, posting special sale prices at a retail store, or leaving reminders, chalkboard paint offers functionality, versatility, and style. Apply it to a feature wall or a cabinet door for maximum impact.
  • Metallic paint—Bring a touch of luxury to a room or space with metallic paint. Ideal for accent walls, furniture, or trim, metallic paint adds depth and shimmer to any space. Use it sparingly to highlight architectural details or create a focal point in a room. It works particularly well in contemporary or industrial-style interiors.
  • Textured paint—Add visual interest to any wall or section of a wall with textured paint. Available in various finishes such as sand, stone, or suede, textured paint creates dimension and warmth. Just be sure to prime the surface properly and apply multiple coats for a seamless finish.
  • Magnetic paint—Say goodbye to traditional bulletin boards and hello to magnetic paint. This innovative paint turns any wall or portion of a wall into a magnetic surface, perfect for displaying everything from personal mementos to large format presentations. Use it in entryways, home offices, kids’ bedrooms, and conference rooms for a practical and interactive design element.
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint—Add a touch of magic to any creative space with glow-in-the-dark paint. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and creative workspaces this paint absorbs light during the day and emits a soft glow at night. Create whimsical designs or accentuate existing features for a fun and enchanting ambiance.

The Paso Robles painter has been painting homes and businesses, inside and out, since 2011. The team’s willingness to take on creative and challenging projects has made the company a top choice for California’s Central Coast. The commitment to fine craftsmanship is only one of the traits that makes Borlodan Painting a good choice for applying specialty paint to any space.

Every type of paint still requires the correct preparation. The surfaces need to be cleaned, primed, and trim and other areas that are not to be painted need to be masked. Dings, dents, and deep scratches need to be properly filled and prepped.

Serving both residential and commercial customers, and interiors and exteriors, the Paso Robles painting team arrives on time, clean, and ready to work, with the utmost respect for clients’ personal space and belongings. The project isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied, and then the team leaves a clean workspace behind.

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