Templeton painter reveals who decides which paint colors are trending

Templeton painter reveals who decides which paint colors are trending

Have you ever wondered who decides what the trending colors are for the year? Who makes this decision and what gives them so much power over our lives? George Borlodan, the Templeton painter from Borlodan Painting Company has some information to help clear up this little mystery.

First of all, let’s restore your sense of personal power. The latest “trendy” colors are actually nothing more than different hues of your favorite colors. You can still wear, decorate your home or office, and paint the walls in our favorite colors. A brand new palette of the latest-greatest trendy colors does not mean you have to completely repaint your home or office. The chances are that your long-time favorite colors still fit right in, and everyone will still think your home is as beautiful as it really is.

The smart thing to do if you are preparing to repaint is to discuss colors with the Templeton painting professionals at Borlodan Painting Company. There’s more to paint than color. The right type of paint for the job is critical, especially on the Central Coast where hot days, cold nights, rain, sun, few freezes in winter and wind can change dramatically in the span of a week or two.

Trending colors have roots in fashion, interior design and graphic design, the latter being driven by the use of color for attention getting marketing strategies. The truth be told, the colors of nature are also strong drivers for favorite and trending colors and natures palette has been around for millions and billions of years before Pantone began introducing “colors of the year” in 2000. Every year Pantone announces a color of the year, after a lengthy exploration and collaboration with leaders in the fashion, marketing, interior design, and other industries concerned with color.

Pantone’s roots are in M & J Advertising, a commercial printing company in New Jersey in the 1950s. The owners, Mervin and Jesse Levine, hired Lawrence Herbert, who used his chemical knowledge to streamline the company’s production of colored ink. Eventually Herbert bought the technological assets from the Levine’s, founded Pantone and launched the Pantone color matching system, which is a standard for color across the industrial spectrum.

Once Pantone introduced the first color of the year, the idea caught on and the paint industry began mixing new hues of colors based on Pantone’s announcements. Other industries such as the auto industry also began researching and creating their own vehicle paint colors. Now, just about anyone who produces paint, art supplies, fabric, lipstick, nail polish and more has jumped on the color of the year bandwagon.

Pantone announced it’s “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” as the colors for 2021. These colors are different hues of gray and yellow. Paint companies come up with their own versions of Pantone’s most recent color of the year by adding just enough hints of gray to give standard blues and greens a fresher, smokier hue. Yellow “illuminates” greens, blues, browns and shades of white and off-white. Both gray and yellow can add interesting tints and hues to the entire color palette. Paint companies even create their own trendy grays and yellows by mixing in the appropriate percentages of other base colors.

The interior design and real estate industry have also jumped on the color of the year bandwagon. The interesting thing is that what your interior designer might recommend often conflicts with what your realtor advises when you are selling your home. The leading colors for selling a home are still lighter, neutral colors.

Color all comes back to personal taste and personal favorites. In the end, you are the one who decides which colors are trending for you. As an example, if you are in the market to buy a home and you attend an open house with the walls painted in the latest trending colors, your first thought is probably, “I’ll have to repaint.” If the walls are neutral, your focus is on the other features of the home that make it attractive to you. You still might repaint, but you are not discouraged by the colors of the walls because you have the option to choose colors you like.

Don’t feel like you are “out of it” because you’re not up to date with the latest trending colors. They are going to change again very soon. Trust your personal taste and the colors that have served you well over the years. If you feel like you would like to update the paint colors in your home or business, discuss new colors with the Templeton painters at Borlodan Painting Company. When you work with Borlodan Painting Company, you have the guidance to create your own new trending color and still stay within the range of your favorite colors.

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