Templeton painter reveals the best way to clean painted walls

Templeton painter reveals the best way to clean painted walls

Regularly cleaning the smudges, scrape marks, fingerprints, hand marks, and the kids’ artwork goes a long way towards preserving a beautiful paint job. Spot cleaning on a regular basis doesn’t have to be a major project either. Following a few tips from Borlodan Painting, the Templeton house painting company, will help keep that bright, fresh new paint job sparkling for years.

Even the best paint jobs can get a little dull looking over time. Here are some tips to help keep the paint looking fresh and protect the investment you made in a new paint job.

  • Dust and remove cobwebs regularly. Using a duster with an extension handle, clean the corners, where the walls and ceiling meet, and check the ceiling and light fixtures for cobwebs or collected dust. Don’t forget behind the furniture.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft cloth or sponge and wipe away fingerprints, smudge marks, and kid’s artwork as you notice them, or on a regular basis.
  • If an area has been damaged by moving furniture, or removing crayon took away some of the paint, touch up that spot with fresh paint after it has been cleaned. Be sure to keep extra paint on hand. If you run out, be sure to buy the same brand of new paint because color can vary from brand to brand.

For normal, daily use, the areas that tend to show hand prints the most are:

  • Walls near light switches
  • Doors around the door handle
  • Cabinets and drawers

Make checking these areas part of your regular housecleaning routine. A quick wipe with a non-abrasive cleaner usually takes care of small smudges before they get bigger and grimier over time.

Some other things to consider include:

  • Use gloss paint on surfaces that are touched a lot, such as doors, cabinets and window trim. Gloss paint has a more durable finish than flat paint and can take a little more scrubbing if necessary.
  • A non-abrasive cleaner is important because you don’t want to wash the paint away with the smudges. There are several brands available commercially, or make you own with water and vinegar, or even ammonia, but be careful with the fumes!

Other cleaners, such as TSP (trisodium phosphate) are good for cleaning walls that have been neglected for a long time, or perhaps smoke damaged by a kitchen fire, but use with care because TSP can remove paint.

When in doubt, ask

Ask your painter about the best cleaning methods to preserve a new paint job or freshen up your walls. Borlodan Painting has been a commercial and residential painter in Templeton and the Central Coast since 2011.
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