Templeton House Painter Releases A Report To Help Prevent Peeling Paint

Templeton House Painter Releases A Report To Help Prevent Peeling Paint

–There are many reasons paint, even freshly applied, can flake and peel. George Borlodan, owner of Templeton house painting company, Borlodan Painting, has prepared a report to help property owners protect their investment in both exterior and interior painting projects.

Over years, paint can be expected to fade and even flake as wood ages, or exteriors are subjected to rain, wind, and temperature changes. There are conditions that can cause paint to peel that have nothing to do with the age of a building. Those conditions include:

  • Improper surface preparation is probably one of the leading causes of peeling paint. It is important to clean and prime surfaces for painting. Dust, dirt, mildew and oils need to be removed. Old paint may need to be prepared to improve adhesion with the new paint. Finally, the surface should be treated with a primer to form a binding layer with the new paint.
  • Make sure the surface is completely dry before painting. Wait a sufficient amount of time after rain before painting an exterior surface. The amount of time to wait after a rain depends on the climate and how quickly the exterior dries out. Exterior painting in wet or humid climates is best left to experienced professionals.
  • Choosing the wrong paint for the job is a common culprit. Different types of paint don’t mix well. As a general rule, it’s possible to paint over latex with an oil-based paint, but not the other way around without a lot of preparation. The quality of the paint is also very important. A bargain paint might seem to be easy on the budget at first, but the peeling, even fading, down the line can wind up costing more.
  • Painting new wood that has not property cured can cause peeling. The natural oil and moisture in new, uncured wood can cause paint to separate and peel.
  • Old paint can peel. Store unused paint in tightly sealed containers away from temperature extremes. Latex paint tends to become unusable sooner than oil based. When in doubt, it’s better to buy fresh paint than worry with peeling later.

In many cases, sections of peeling paint can be removed and painted over with the right preparations. It doesn’t make sense to repaint the entire house if just one section of a wall has peeled. If the flaking or peeling is caused by damage to the underlying surface, that surface may need to be repaired first, or perhaps replaced. Follow these steps to repair peeling paint:

  • Remove the chipped paint with a putty knife or paint scraper. Be sure to wear a mask.
  • Smooth out the surface by applying a patching compound according to the instructions.
  • Sand the patched areas and apply a primer.
  • Repaint

When in doubt about the best approach to peeling paint, call a professional house painter. Templeton’s Borlodan Painting has been serving the California Central Coast community since 2005. Borlodan Painting excels in the high quality workmanship for both exteriors and interiors. Years of experience have given George Borlodan and his crew the skill and knowledge to deliver quality service that can withstand the dramatic weather changes on California’s Central Coast and provide years of pleasure and protection.

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