Templeton House Painter From Borlodan Painting Announces The Trending Paint Colors For 2019

Templeton House Painter From Borlodan Painting Announces The Trending Paint Colors For 2019

–The most popular times that people choose to redecorate their homes are in the early spring or just before the holidays and a fresh coat of paint is the least expensive way to give a home a fresh look. George Borlodan, owner of the Templeton house painting company, Borlodan Painting, just revealed the trending 2019 paint colors for California’s Central Coast.

The details of the report, “Trending 2019 Paint Color for the Central Coast” can be read in full on the Borlodan Painting website.

“If you can’t do diamonds, do color,” is the perfect philosophy for giving an entire house, or the kitchen and living room a fresh updated look. Even though color trends come and go, some paint colors are timeless and will stand the test of time. Some give the homeowner a deep sense of contentment. Regardless of the reason for repainting, taking a look at the current popular colors is a great way to start.

Before selecting new colors, Borlodan recommends taking an assessment of what is being repainted:

  • Is a dark color being replaced with a lighter color?
  • How much preparation will be required, such as filling holes from drapery hardware or art, or removing scuff and hand marks?
  • Are different shades of paint being applied?
  • Which rooms are being repainted?


The answers to these questions can make a difference in the type of paint and the best colors.

The top colors to consider include:

  • Shades of gray with subtle underlying hints of lilac, sage, or heavy cream, bring a special richness to a room.
  • Just the right dark greens can bring in a sense of lush foliage, especially in a larger room with a lot of natural light.
  • Muted pastels, especially those with creamy influence can soften and add brightness to a space.
  • Soft clay to mustard colors pay homage to the earthy, agricultural traditions of the Central Coast Regions
  • Shades of blues, especially misty blues with gray undertones, or a hint of aqua bring a sense of the mystical Central Coast coastal mornings into a kitchen or dining room


Regardless of what is trending, the color choices always come down to personal preferences. Homeowners who are repainting because they want to give their living spaces a new look can save some time by using trending colors as guidelines.

Homeowners who are preparing a home for resale can rely on the more neutral trending colors to add some eye appeal for buyers.

It’s a good idea to have a second and third choice just in case the first choice doesn’t work out. The best way to avoid disappointment is to consult with the house painter. There may be features such as lighting, room size, or flooring color that are more apparent to a professional that can make a difference about the color or combination of colors.

Borlodan Painting has been serving the Central Coast since 2005, working with satisfied customers on a wide range of residential and commercial projects. The company’s projects have included: residences, commercial buildings, hotels, wineries, barns, cabins, fence, furniture, cabinets, fixtures, and a basket a customer wanted custom painted to match her decor.

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