Secrets of a professional Templeton painter

Secrets of a professional Templeton painter

There’s more to delivering professional painting services for satisfied customers than just showing up with cans of paint and brushes. Templeton painter, George Borlodan shares some of the secrets that have made Borlodan Painting a leader in California’s Central Coast.

“Most of it is just about making a commitment to do the best job possible for our customers,” says Borlodan, “and that can be broken down into a few things.”

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Communication
  • Be respectful
  • Be ethical

Knowledge and experience

Knowing the “tools of the trade” is an important first step. Learning how to apply and use tools and materials and how to prepare both interior and exterior surfaces for painting comes with experience and dedication.

Continually researching and staying on top of the latest advancements in color and types of paint, and preparation and painting techniques are important. This kind of knowledge and experience has led the company to:

  • Choose low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products that dramatically reduce the health effects from the fumes of other kinds of paint products
  • Know which brands of paint stand up to local weather and temperature fluctuations
  • Choose brands that best stand up to cracking, fading, wind, rain, and dirt

Just as important as the knowledge about paint and other materials are the basic skills of knowing how to properly prepare surfaces before painting, how to load a paintbrush or roller without making a huge mess, how to protect personal property, flooring and landscaping, how to work efficiently to get the job done on time, and delivering fine detail work that will last for years.


Borlodan Painting makes sure to understand what each customer is expecting before starting the project. This understanding includes:

  • Mutual agreement on a fair price that takes into account both the desired result and budget
  • Communicate with the customer during and after the project to be sure expectations are being met
  • Gaining the customers’ trust by delivering the highest quality of work with pride

Be respectful

“When we are invited into our clients’ homes and businesses, we are entering their space and it is important for us to be respectful,” said Borlodan. “We treat the inhabitants, their pets, and their space with the utmost respect.”

This includes providing a smoke-free work site while on the job, protecting furnishings, flooring, landscaping, and other possessions, and cleaning up after the job is done.

The company handles both interior and exterior projects and, along with delivering the highest quality finished job, the Borlodan team works to leave the property in the best condition possible.

The goal is delivering customer satisfaction time after time.

Be ethical

The “Borlodan Touch” that has made the company a top choice on the Central Coast comes from the owner’s, George Borlodan, refusal to cut corners. The Borlodan team sticks with you until you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Whether the project is a single room in a home, a complete interior, and exterior of a commercial building, or repainting ranches and vineyards, each project is unique with its own set of rewards for a job well done.

An affordable rate is reached before the project starts and the projects stay within that budget.

Call today to get your project started.

We honor the trust our customers place in us and that’s why we
enjoy a reputation you can count on.” ~ George Borlodan, Owner