Paso Robles House Painter Reports About the Importance of Using Paint Primer

Paso Robles House Painter Reports About the Importance of Using Paint Primer

Applying a coat or two of paint primer may seem like an extra step and expense, but primer is, in fact, a very important part of achieving a beautiful, long-lasting paint job. George Borlodan from Borlodan Painting Company, the Paso Robles painter, said, “Skipping the primer step is just as bad as not patching holes and removing loose paint and the final results are going to be unsatisfactory.”

Borlodan said that along with cleaning the walls, removing old chipped paint, patching holes and sanding, primer is an important preparation step for a perfect paint job that will last for years. Reasons for using a good quality primer include:

  • Preparing and sealing the walls about to be painted.
  • Seal in stains so they don’t seep through the new paint.
  • Seals porous surfaces, reducing the number of coats of paint needed. Newly installed drywall and masonry are two examples of porous surfaces.
  • Painting metal, glass or other smooth surfaces.
  • Create a smooth, even finish.
  • Provide adhesion for the paint, eliminating the chances of cracking and peeling.
  • Blocks darker colored paint when applying a lighter color, creating the desired finish.
  • Primer provides better adhesion when painting over a glossy finish.

There are a few times when a coat of primer might be skipped:

  • Painting over similar colored paint.
  • When the walls are very clean, free of oils and stains.

Before deciding to skip the primer, the Paso Robles house painter advises to be sure there are no stains, holes or scrapes that need to be patched, and the walls are free of oil and grease. Most kitchens and other work areas are going to benefit from a good wash with a mild grease removing cleaner and at least one coat of primer.

Another option some people choose is self-priming paint, but that comes with its own set of issues. Self-priming paint is thicker than regular paint. The fact that it forms a thicker coat that takes longer to dry and it may not go on as smoothly as regular paint.

Some of the brands of self-priming spray paint do a good job of painting outdoor furniture, yard art, and hobby projects and save time. In many cases metal items need to have rust removed first. The paint starts to weather after a few years and needs to be redone. When painting items that have value, taking the time to sand, prime and paint with the appropriate type of paint can add years to furnishings, indoors and outdoors décor and kinds of hobby and garden projects.

Borlodan Painting Company has been ranked among the top Central Coast residential and commercial painting businesses since it was founded in 2011. The pledge to customers is to arrive on time, clean and ready to work. The professional team brings the finest craftsmanship to all of their projects and the utmost respect to client’s personal space and belongings. “We are proud to help our community look its best,” said Borlodan.

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