Atascadero painter recommends the best paint choices for rental properties

Atascadero painter recommends the best paint choices for rental properties

-When it comes to managing rental properties, making strategic decisions on everything from decor to maintenance is crucial. One often overlooked aspect is the choice of paint. The right paint not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a property but also contributes to its overall durability and ease of maintenance. George Borlodan, owner of Borlodan Painting Company, serving Atascadero, has some recommendations for the best paint choices for rental properties, considering factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and versatility.

Neutral hues deliver timeless elegance

Opting for neutral colors is a safe bet for rental properties. Colors like beige, gray, and soft whites provide a timeless and sophisticated look, appealing to a wide range of potential tenants. Neutral hues create a blank canvas that allows renters to envision their belongings in the space, making it more likely for your property to appeal to a broader audience.

Moreover, neutral colors tend to be forgiving when it comes to wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. They also serve as a backdrop for various styles of furniture and decor, ensuring that your property remains attractive to a diverse group of renters.

Durable finishes are the key to longevity

In rental properties, durability is paramount. Look for paints with finishes that are easy to clean and resistant to stains. Satin and semi-gloss finishes, for example, are not only visually appealing but also more resistant to wear and tear compared to flat finishes.

These finishes are excellent for areas prone to scuffs and spills, such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. They can withstand regular cleaning, allowing your property to maintain its fresh and appealing appearance between tenants. Additionally, durable finishes contribute to the longevity of your paint job, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. When repainting or touchups are needed, the Atascadero painter can take care of the job quickly and cost-effectively.

Washable and scrubbable paints are low-maintenance

Rental properties often experience higher turnover rates, making low-maintenance features essential. Opting for washable and scrubbable paints is a smart choice, as they can withstand regular cleaning without losing their luster. This is particularly important in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where dirt and moisture are more prevalent.

Washable paints make it easier for property managers to maintain a consistently clean and well-maintained appearance, impressing potential tenants and ensuring the property remains in top condition. This not only enhances the property’s appeal but also reduces the need for frequent repainting.

Semi-gloss for high-moisture areas

High-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are prone to mold and mildew. Using a semi-gloss finish in these spaces not only provides a sleek and modern look but also offers added protection against moisture-related issues.

Semi-gloss paints have a smooth and reflective surface that makes it harder for mold and mildew to thrive. This not only contributes to the overall cleanliness of the property but also ensures the longevity of your paint job in moisture-prone areas. Additionally, the Atascadero painter uses no-odor zero-VOC paint that makes the newly painted space usable quickly and without the adverse effects that come with harsh ingredients in other kinds of paint.

Budget-friendly options

Choosing the right paint for rental properties is a balance between aesthetics, durability, and budget considerations. Neutral hues, durable finishes, washable paints, and strategic use of semi-gloss are all factors to consider when painting rental properties.

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